Exchange Bank, a local bank with locations in Milledgeville, Gray, and Lake Oconee Georgia

Message From the CEO



It all began on June 3, 1903, when the doors of Exchange Bank first opened.  We’ve been providing banking services for 110 years and plan to continue offering new and advanced products and services for centuries to come.  Through our founder, Mr. Otto M. Conn, and our first President, Mr. John Conn, Exchange Bank has exhibited stability and longevity enabling your bank to survive depressions, wars, and periods of economic upheaval. 

 During this past 110 years, so much has changed.  We’ve come a long way from ledger sheets and green bar paper to ATM’s, electronic checks, mobile banking and e-statements (coming soon).  Technology is moving so quickly and Exchange Bank prides itself on staying on top of technology changes to provide the most up-to-date products and services for our customers. 

 Exchange Bank is pleased to introduce “Exchange Bank 365” mobile banking* and E-statements.  Click on the box that is located on our home screen to get all the details you need to get started with mobile banking and E-Statements.  It’s truly banking at your fingertips…….wherever, whenever.

 Our New Horizons Travel Club even has a Facebook page.  Check us out to learn about our upcoming travel plans, as well as following our travelers through photos and posts while they travel around the world.

 Exchange Investment Services, Inc., is available to provide full brokerage services and investment options.

 Technology is moving at light speed and Exchange Bank is committed to staying on top of the technology curve to provide our customers with state-of-the-art products and services.  Come see why Exchange Bank is second to none!


Henry J. Pope, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer


Member FDIC



*There are no fees for Exchange Bank mobile banking, but data usage and SMS fees may be assessed from your cellular service provider.